Doors: uPVC | Composite | Timber | Aluminium


uPVC Doors offer exceptional value with a smooth weatherproof finish. uPVC is also a naturally insulating material both frames and panels are designed to offer high levels of energy efficency.We use Spectus and Linear Outer Frame which are available in range of colours.

French Doors are a style alternative to Patio Doors to allow for extra light and space. Double and triple glazing option are available providing thermal and sound insullation. 

Examples of uPVC Doors, French Doors & Sliding Patio Doors


The Composite Door is one of the strongest on the market today, they are made up of uPVC and fibreglass. Buying a Composite door is an investment for your home to complete the look of your house offering many different colour and design options.

You can even design your own door by clicking on the Palladio door collection button below.

Examples of Composite Doors

Palladio Doors Collection

Click on the link HERE to design your own door


All Timber Doors are tailor made to individual requirements. Doors are made with a three point locking espagnolette incorporated in a 55mm thick door to a design of your choice.

All doors can be painted to a customers choice of colour along with different furniture options to complete the style of your home.  They are available in Single, Double French Doors, Sliding patio Doors or Bi-Fold Doors and are double glazed.

Examples of Timber Doors

Lift & Slide Doors/Bi Fold Doors

The Lift & Sliding patio Doors and Bi-Fold Doors are manufactured from Aluminium which can accommodate 28mm or 44mm glazing.

Lift & Slide Doors slide along a track and move neatly into one another, while Bi Fold Doors can be set up to open either completely to one side-keeping the otherside completely clear- or split so that the doors open both ways.

Examples of Lift & Slide Doors


Aluminium Doors are a long-term investment as they won’t rust or corrode. We use powder coated Aluminium frames which you can choose from a selection of different colours. They are available in Single or Double Glazing.